2018 WiT Conference – WiTness Women Succeed!

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WiTness Success, the premier Women In Tech Event for the Salesforce ecosystem, held it’s 2nd annual conference July 27th – 28th in Denver CO. This two-day, community-led career development and networking event equips women to excel in their Salesforce career, and to pay it forward by fostering mentorships. Over 200 women attended from around the world – a powerful and inspirational gathering that continues to grow exponentially as more and more women pursue careers in Salesforce.

How it all Started

The Women in Tech (WiT) Community was ignited in 2010 when a few women were looking to meet up after Dreamforce and compare notes and network. About 20 women gathered to share wine and find connections, and shortly after were dubbed “Girly Geeks” by founder Geraldine Gray. This community of women working in the Salesforce ecosystem, who now identify as Salesforce Women in Tech, has since grown exponentially to 4,000+ members, in 50+ user groups globally.

Grit to Grace

This year’s WiTness theme was Grit to Grace, and keynote speaker Lea McGowan showed that gratitude will bridge the gap. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum – showing gratitude to those that helped you along the way is truly graceful.

WiTness Growth

The WiTness event sets itself apart from other conferences in it’s tone and practice – the content is less about technical instruction and is “more devoted to the big themes women encounter in our Salesforce careers – the need for mentorship and sponsorship, the emerging role of allies in the workplace, self-care, handling job transitions, the power of inclusion and diversity, and skills for managing the stress of the unrelenting speed of technological evolution” according to Leslie Gestautas of MondayCall. “Workshops here are highly interactive and collaborative. Women are actively sharing with each other the whole time, learning from our shared experiences, and using this safe space to open up to each other about what we need in order to continue to grow.”

Principal Consultant Leslie Gestautas hosted her second workshop at WiTness Success: Keys to Negotiating Your Next Role Like A Boss. This three-hour workshop detailed 1) visualizing and defining what you want, 2) declaring who you are, and 3) negotiation: including leverage, what to ask for, and how. The room was filled to capacity – over 90% of the attendees were new to the event, and over half of those were only in their first year of their Salesforce careers. “Our aim was to provide these women with actionable items to apply right away to their personal career trajectories”, another key component of the WiTness event. “It’s an honor to be able to share what I’ve learned along my own Salesforce journey to such an enthusiastic group!”  


Leslie Gestautas sits on the Planning Committee of Forcelandia, an event for developers and “adminelopers” in the Portland region. Leslie will be hosting the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Forcelandia”, a welcome session for new and seasoned developers.