Salesforce administrators are highly knowledgeable and critical business leaders who effectively run processes in various departments throughout their business. From simple tasks to complex business problems, Salesforce Administrators harness the power of to create impactful solutions for their companies. Salesforce Certified Administrators are in high demand because of their unique skillset of not only the platform, but their ability to champion productivity at your business. So, how can you get the most from a Salesforce Administrator at your company?


Management and administration of a CRM application is an often overlooked and highly underfunded responsibility. In many cases, the sales and service leadership in an organization believe that the job of a Salesforce administrator is easy and straightforward. However, that could not be further from the truth. To become a real CRM Rockstar, you must go above and beyond the status quo. CRM Rockstars not only master the essentials of, but also obtain a substantial understanding of how each department within the company operates.



While it is essential for Salesforce Administrators to obtain their Salesforce Certified Administrator certification, it’s equally as important to understand how the system is being used by others within the company. A true CRM Rockstar knows how to solve business problems by utilizing the power of The more you know about the Salesforce platform, the more you can take advantage of it. CRM Rockstars expand their knowledge of how Salesforce can be applied and be able to leverage that to create an advantage for their business. They must also master tool creation such as dashboards, app development, and workflows.


Seasoned leaders recognize that ongoing administration ownership is a challenge and needs to be planned for and adequately funded. Organizations that starve this critical phase of the project will often find their initiatives failing over time. Inadequately deploying the Salesforce Admin role would have many consequences for a business including low user adoption, inefficient users, and data inaccuracies. Speaking from a Salesforce project perspective, it is vitally important to understand what is needed when the last person is trained and the end-users start using it in earnest.


When setup properly, the application of Salesforce CRM is simple to use for end users. Being a SaaS solution removes much of the IT administration burden and simplifies the overall platform. However, ease of use does not negate the need for administrators who demonstrate a true expertise of the software.  There are many ways to accomplish the same goal, but some methods are more efficient than others. A skilled Salesforce Administrator can figure out which method is most suitable for your business which can save time and money. It’s much easier to administrate than the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management solutions that used to be implemented. Those outdated methods required teams of people to administrate and labor was being allocated inefficiently. With a Salesforce Administrator, you have one person capable of understanding the entire platform which is a much better justification for funding. Questions arise when companies need to customize their Salesforce platform to meet specific business needs. A Salesforce Admin can answer these questions and offer solutions tailored to your business. Using Salesforce CRM is analogous to buying a new house – the foundation is ready for use, but it must be furnished to provide full benefits to the buyer.


The role of a Salesforce Administrator is much more involved than just spending a few hours per day on their administration ownership. It doesn’t matter what business you are in as processes and applications are changing every day.  The sales and service organization is never static, which requires constant upkeep of the platform to reap the most benefits for your company.  The CRM system that you or a consultant configured for your business will rarely stay in place for long.  This is one of the great advantages of cloud solutions – you can reconfigure every day to be responsive to your market demands. How do you successfully manage a business that is constantly updating its products and processes? With the assistance of a consultant or Salesforce Administrator that can customize the CRM to fit your business needs.



Keeping up with the current CRM infrastructure can be time consuming as you have to consider how the system is tailored for each particular user role, how data is stored and accessed, as well as how the information is retrieved for reporting purposes. There should be appropriate time allocation dedicated to these additions that are essential for running a business smoothly.  Looking for new opportunities to take further advantage of the platform you already purchased is another skill that will help you continue to scale and defeat the competition.


We’ve seen a variety of models that have worked well such as an insourcing model, a complete outsourcing model, and a strategic outsourcing model.  They each have their advantages and disadvantages which can be found in greater depth in the blog post Administration Ownership.


Having a Salesforce Admin drives business growth and allows you to stay up to date with an ever changing market. An effective Salesforce Administrator has a high return on investment because the benefits of having a well used platform significantly outweighs the costs. But how do you know your Administrator is familiar with new processes and has expertise on the most current CRM capabilities? The answer is two-fold. First, the Admin needs to research the newest Salesforce Trailheads to stay current and renew their certifications accordingly. There are so many resources in the community that Salesforce Administrators should take advantage of- they can experiment with Trailheads and platform customizations, attend conferences, join user groups, share and learn from online community groups, and so much more. These resources will help a CRM Rockstar know what the best practices are and help provide motivation for innovation. Second, your Salesforce Admin should go to Dreamforce and attend specialized Admin Breakout Sessions (which can be found through the Agenda Builder), listen to inspirational keynote speeches, join fellow Admins at the Admin Meadow, and join the Admins at at Dreamforce Success Community Group.