Our Mission

MondayCall’s goal is to deliver true business value by unlocking the power of Salesforce to meet your critical needs, now and in the future.  Our team of certified, expert consultants, architects and developers are fast, flexible and have many years of best practices experience to help you get it right the first time.

Core Goals

  • Business needs drive technology
  • Phased approach enables faster time to value
  • We are flexible to meet your changing needs
  • A full-team of experts ensures you get the right solution the first time
  • Out-of-box solutions first versus custom development, for better speed and ongoing maintenance.

Our experience

5 years in business
400 customers and growing
1300+ projects and counting
Five star AppExchange rating
9.5/10 Customer Sat rating
Startups to Fortune 500 customers

What we are good at

MondayCall believes that every project is a partnership.  We work closely with you to design, configure and build a solution that meets your needs now and into the future.  No two projects are the same but we bring to the table best practices experience from nearly a thousand projects so that you get a best of breed solution that is right-sized for your needs and budget.


Best Practices

Our team of certified experts leverage our many years of experience to give you a best of breed solution.

Phased Approach

Rather than a single big-bang approach, we prefer a phased approach so that you see value faster.

Real World Experience

Our team has been there before.  Our team is comprised of sales, marketing, support, operations executives and managers as well as Salesforce administrators.  We understand your needs.

Solutions, not Technology

We know you need to solve a business problem.  Architecting the simplest and easiest solution to meet the business need is our goal.

Wide Range of Expertise

Our team includes senior business analysts, consultants, technical architects and developers who live and breathe Salesforce.  We’ve worked in dozens of different industries to help customers drive value from their investment

Platform Knowledge

Salesforce is highly flexible and extendable.  Whether it is custom development, use of a third party app on the AppExchange, or an integration with another system, we have the expertise and experience to deliver a solution.

Our Approach Emphasizes a Number of Principles:

  • Great People: The only assets in a consulting company are its people. We employ the best in the business. Our certified consultants and developers are seasoned and experienced and know how to create business solutions.
  • Business Requirements First: We believe good planning means good execution. We start with a strong needs assessment and map deliverables to your key performance indicators (KPI). We believe good planning means good execution.
  • Best Practices: We leverage best practices from working with hundreds of companies in dozens of industries. We also recognize that every business is different and provide our expertise so that you gain a significant competitive advantage.
  • Phased Approach: For projects, we always believe in a phased, iterative approach. In this way, we are well aligned as early in the project as possible while minimizing project risk. We build in numerous milestones and checkpoints and work hard to create a positive communication environment.
  • Scalability and maintainability: We always architect for flexibility and growth. We always leverage Salesforce.com native functionality and design our solutions to be as future-proofed as possible.
  • Solution, not technology. We recognize that user adoption, compliance, accuracy and efficiency and all key concerns when institutionalizing a solution in an organization. Our consultants have deep experience in change management to help you drive success in your organization.
  • Relationship, not projects. We value relationships. We are your trusted partner that can help you at any step of the lifecycle from needs assessment to planning to setup to ongoing maintenance and administration. When working with MondayCall Solutions you not only build relationships with our company but also with individuals on our team. You won’t get a different person every project who has to start from scratch. We believe in continuity because it helps bring customer success.

Some of our Customers

MondayCall has over 400 customers in dozens of industries. Ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 customers, MondayCall can help you drive the value you need from Salesforce

Sonoma Think Outside the Oval
Redwood Credit Union
Grocery Outlet
Software AG
Alameda Alliance for Health
Bleacher Report
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  • “I have been working with MondayCall specifically Mitchell Brown in getting our salesforce instance set up correctly. He has been always been super professional, very flexible and always back with a really quick response and solution to any problems/ issues that arise.”

    Suzanne McVey
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • “I was referred to MondayCall by the Professional Services group for one of the AppExchange products we use. We have a number of AppExchange products installed, some that are highly configurable and quite complex. In the past I had been working through individual projects with each AppExchange partners Pro Services group. Now that I’ve consolidated all that work with MondayCall, I’m making much better progress on getting some of our challenges met. Having a project manager that is keeping tabs on all the work being done is a great help. I would definitely recommend MondayCall if you need to consolidate work across your entire Salesforce platform. They’ve definitely helped refine our implementation to better suit the users.”

    Salesforce Admin
    Salesforce.com Administrator
  • “We’ve just successfully developed a dashboard on top of SFDC with great help from MondayCall. They are professional, flexible, and competent. Being a professional services organization ourselves, we strive for those same qualities. Foremost, they saved us a great deal of cost by recommending the right technologies. Following that, they build out a large chunk of the system for us. If there is a future need, we will certainly be bringing MondayCall back.”

    Dewang Li
  • “Working with MondayCall was easy and a pleasure. Mitchell did most of our training and was great. We previously worked with another company that was not nearly as professional or effective. MondayCall was incredibly professional and super helpful in getting our system set up. In addition to helping to set our system up Mitchell gave us the skill set necessary to continue to build and evolve our system to fit our businesses needs.”

    Miriam Mark
    Head of Sales and Business Development
  • “Improving the infrastructure while moving quickly to meet market demands is always tricky. We worked with MondayCall to ‘change the tires while racing’ so that the transition was smooth.”

    Chris Griswold
    Senior Client Implementation Manager
  • “MondayCall Solutions has helped us create a realistic roadmap to meet our needs. They provided guidance every step of the way. Our project deadline was very tight… they met it without any issues.”

    Bahia Fear
    AVP Corporate PM
    Thoits Insurance
  • “When we were looking for help, we wanted to get great expertise, even if we needed to engage with a consultancy on a different continent. MondayCall Solutions understood our complex business and with their expertise, we were able to architect and roll out a solutions, on budget and on time, that has made our team significantly more productive and efficient.”

    Alan Hall
    Managing Director
  • “MondayCall really cares about the happiness of their clients. They understand my company and the sales process and assured me Salesforce was a tool that would fit into our already existing process and it didn’t have to be the other way around.”

    Zuri Pommerenk
    Business Development
    Project Frog
  • “The capabilities that MondayCall Solutions has provided has helped us get much more utility and serious ROI from our salesforce.com investment. We have plans to further improve our salesforce.com instance as our sales organization evolves. Knowing that MondayCall Solutions is there to help as we grow gives us far greater confidence in our CRM solution.”

    Steven Correnti
    VP of Sales
    Pattern Insight
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