Volunteering at Project Open Hand

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As consultants and everyday people, we understand the need for quality teamwork inside and outside of the office. So, rather than the traditional corporate holiday party, MondayCall decided to step out into the community and volunteer with Project Open Hand to celebrate this holiday season.

POH LogoProject Open Hand is a NonProfit Organization that was founded in 1985 in order to provide nutritious meals to those who were battling HIV / AIDS. It all started with Ruth Brinker, a retired food-service worker that noticed some of her neighbors were not getting the proper meals they deserved. Ruth began preparing and delivering food to her neighbors on a daily basis, doing everything she could to help these people get healthy. Word began to spread about Ruth’s food-delivery service and she quickly became needed by many throughout the Bay Area. So, she gathers up some volunteers and Project Open Hand has been growing ever since.

A strong, healthy diet helps better manage the symptoms and mitigate the side-effects of treatments when battling illness. Project Open Hand definitely plays their role in working with the sick and elderly to make sure they all get the healthy meals they deserve.

Although Project Open Hand started as a service that prepared and delivered nutritious meals to people that had HIV / AIDS, that quickly expanded to feed seniors, those with cancer, heart disease, and many other types of serious illnesses. Today, Project Open Hand engages more than 125 volunteers every day to help prepare over 2,500 meals and 400 bags of healthy groceries to those in need. As their operations continue to expand on a daily basis, they are constantly looking for more volunteers to help and support their cause.

What We DidPOH5

This year at Project Open Hand, we helped slice n’ dice fruits and vegetables for meals that are served daily for those who come into the San Francisco location. The MondayCall team had a great time cutting pineapples, beats, and onions. The onions made a few people on our team cry, but we have all become great at cutting pineapples! Who knew cutting open a pineapple was such a long, delicate process?

After cutting more than 100 pineapples, we can understand why Project Open Hand needs more volunteers. Although we were not the only volunteers in the San Francisco building that day, there is much work to be done to prepare the food for the sick and elderly.

POH4One of our team members helped weigh and package trail mix, which is available in both of their grocery store locations, San Francisco and Oakland. There were others that went into the office and helped hand write cards to clients and those who donate to Project Open Hand.

Project Open Hand does a great job educating their volunteers on best practices for prepping food as well as giving as tour of the facility and many stories that accompany. Project Open Hand is more than just a Non Profit, they are an organization that is directly helping the Bay Area locals that need help.

How You Can Help

POH1There are more ways than one to help out Project Open Hand. Whether it is volunteering in their kitchen, helping serve lunch to their clients, delivering food door to door to those in need, or donating food and money directly to the Project Open Hand organization.

MondayCall will continue to increase our involvement in the community and we encourage you to come join us next time.