Transforming Your Customer Service Organization

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This is the first article in a multi-part series on Transforming Your Customer Service. The entire series can be found here.

Customer Service is a major determinant of your customer’s satisfaction levels.  How you interact with your customer and the quality of those interactions can easily make the difference between having a one-time customer or a customer for life.

Every organization wants to have a system that helps them create incredible customer experiences – rather than just a back-end tool that provides the bare minimum support.  Salesforce Service Cloud has a wide range of capabilities right at your fingertips to help you provide award-winning customer service that will help make your customer service a true differentiating asset.

In this blog series, we’ll be covering a number of topics that will help you differentiate yourself to your customer base and improve your employee experience.  The great thing about cloud solutions is that you can keep adding capabilities as you are ready.  Knowing what’s on your roadmap and what it takes to accomplish it is often a big part of the “battle” so plan ahead so that you can grab those opportune moments to get those goals accomplished.

We’ll cover a number of topics that will include addressing some of these issues:

Agent Productivity
How efficient is your team really?  Do they have all the information they need to close the issue on the first contact?  Are they spending too much time clicking and logging into different systems to find information?  Are there productivity gains that can be had from doing a few simple automations like screen pops with all the customer information for phone calls and chat requests or kicking off workflows to address a customer request?

Your customers don’t care that your systems may be siloed and disconnected – they just want service.  Customer360 gives you a full picture of the customer even if the customer request is related to order status, payment status, invoicing, shipping status, repair status, field service appointments, and more.  Customer360 brings this information together so that your team can quickly and easily help your customers.  An additional benefit is that with your information all connected, you can gain much better insight into your business – may be your best customers are not just the ones that sign the biggest deals but the ones that pay on time and have fewer service calls. 

Being a Service Leader 
What are the ways you can differentiate your service from your competitors?  What will move the needle in adding value to the customer?  We’ll cover a number of ideas that can help your company be amazing, such as:

  • Chatbots that can automatically handle your customer’s most common requests
  • Self-service portals that add value to the customer experience and at the same time increase case deflection
  • Follow the sun – being able to provide round the clock support in a seamless, coordinated way
  • NPS – set up an automated customer sentiment survey process so that you are measuring your customer satisfaction at key moments

Support as Sales
Customer Service is not just a cost center.  In today’s subscription model era, customer service plays an incredibly important role in renewals and upgrades.  In addition, support is often the most common interaction point with your customer’s post-sales.  When your CSR agents have the skills and tools to renew, cross-sell, and up-sell they create and close opportunities as a part of servicing the customer.  Seamlessly integrating your service process with your sales process is a critical value-add to the Service team and to the company as a whole.

What’s Keeping You from Innovating and Differentiating?
It used to be that technology was the most costly part of making change.  Resourcing, process, even funding was fairly straightforward but building the solution to support it used to be the most time consuming and oftentimes requires the most planning.  However, technology doesn’t have to slow you down in making your service organization the best in your marketplace.  The capabilities are all available in the platform (and anything that is not is customizable) just waiting for you to be able to take advantage of them.  Most every capability that would differentiate you in the marketplace has been done in some way, shape, or form.

One way to quickly organize your Service Transformation is to prepare a Roadmap that provides a clear path to success, capturing the best of all worlds. Like grabbing low hanging, high-impact fruit, and organizing your roadmap so that you are delivering maximum value on the easiest technology/IT path.

Talking to one of our team-members often is a great place to start in identifying areas for improvement and to see how straightforward it can be to implement.

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