Tools We Recommend: QuoteQuickly by Steelbrick

In CPQ by Andy Yang

Do you need a more efficient and foolproof way to create sales quotes on the fly? SteelBrick’s QuoteQuickly is your savvy solution to producing better quotes faster.


QuoteQuickly is a full-function Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution that’s built natively on the platform, allowing businesses to automate the creation of sales quotes and proposals from the Sales cloud. QuoteQuickly’s product configurator automatically renders pricing quotes with a customer’s precise information, targeting that customer’s anticipated need for product components, bundles, and extra options. QuoteQuickly also automatically applies any relevant discounts so that sales reps don’t have to keep track of all the numbers manually. The result? More accurate quotes — quicker.

In addition to streamlining the quoting process, QuoteQuickly also enables more precise pipeline forecasting and smoother renewals, because it draws data right from Using the platform’s up-to-date customer data, renewal quotes are automatically configured when key dates are reached. Plus, any new upsell opportunities that have arisen since the last sale to a customer are automatically added. Sales reps don’t have to manually calendar and create renewal quotes; instead, they are pinged by QuoteQuickly to proof and submit an automatically generated quote. Yet, QuoteQuickly still allows reps to customize quotes manually as needed.


Cost:  Subscription pricing based on the number of licenses. Prices start at $29/month.

Salesforce Editions:  Professional Edition and up

Ease of Installation:  Typical implementation takes four to eight weeks

Compatible Browsers:  Any browser compatible with Salesforce

AppExchange rating:  5.0 of 5 (20 ratings)


QuoteQuickly helps reps close deals faster because they no longer waste time manually entering quoting information. The productivity boost is remarkable, as is the peace of mind reps get from knowing that automated quotes are 100 percent accurate.

To watch a demo or take a test drive, check out QuoteQuickly’s App Exchange page.