What are we up to?

In MondayCall News, Service Cloud by Andy Yang

Every so often, we’ll post some of our recent projects, just so you know what kinds of optimizations we are working on.

Incorporating Entitlements and SLA’s – MondayCall has experience implementing Entitlements/ Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) within ServiceCloud. Being able to easily manage multiple support levels (e.g. gold, silver) enables you to keep your promise to your customers and provide the right level of service they have licensed. We can help you implement a process which gives your Customer Service Reps (CSR’s) a sharp focus on what was agreed to, case timelines, history and progress tracking of any case, anywhere within your support system.

KnowledgeBase and Public KnowledgeBase – MondayCall can help your CSR’s effectively manage their case load and contribute to providing a positive customer experience by implementing a KnowledgeBase installation. We can configure a system which allows customers to access articles which can assist them in resolving their own issues. By improving your case deflection rate, you save your customers time and enable your team to focus on higher value activities.

Round-Robin Support to Manage Multiple Customer Centers – Do you manage Customer Support Centers around the globe and are looking for a means to better support distribution and management of the support load? MondayCall can help you design a solution that integrates well with ServiceCloud and provides an effective way to meet the challenge. Working with products like Distribution Engine, MondayCall can help tune this part of your support requirement to better serve the needs of your customers.