The Lightning Experience – A Missed Opportunity?

In Change Management, Data Migration / Integration, Lightning by MondayCall Admin

The Salesforce Lightning Experience is a newly re-imagined platform and UI that is designed to boost productivity, optimize operations, and increase efficiency and adoption.  For many current customers on Salesforce Classic, it’s a complete UI revamp, but it also includes powerful capabilities to build next generation apps.  Salesforce rolled out Lightning over several releases and has been encouraging customers to migrate to Lightning.  Salesforce Classic continues to be available (only to existing customers), but keep in mind that no new development will be done on Classic.  That means that new features (and most bug fixes) are essentially only available on Lightning.  For customers, this alone supports the need for a migration strategy from Classic to Lightning, as well as the added advantages of the improved, cleaner user interface. Better user interfaces not only provide more efficiency but a system that is easier to train and improved adoption.

MondayCall has performed dozens of Lightning migrations, some very complex, for customers who need the help.  The more customization in your org, the more planning is required to migrate over functionality and minimize conflicts or downtime.  MondayCall has helped many organizations:

  • Assess their current and future environments
  • Migrate the parts required while also building the parts to take advantage of the new platform
  • Run pilots so that customers can test and feel comfortable with the improved workflow
  • Train and roll out the solution to the user base

This planned and organized approach helps you take full advantage of the platform, and gets it done right the first time. Doing migrations incorrectly can result in confusion, lost downtime, decreased efficiency, and lower adoption.

Even if you’re not ready to take on such a project, we recommend you follow the steps in the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant, available within Setup, to better understand the opportunity.  The assistant includes generating the Lightning Experience Readiness Check, which provides a rough automated assessment of what is needed to migrate.  We can assist in running this. From there, we can work with you to assess your options and formulate the right plan to maximize your Salesforce experience and investment.

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