“I have been working with MondayCall specifically Mitchell Brown in getting our salesforce instance set up correctly. He has been always been super professional, very flexible and always back with a really quick response and solution to any problems/ issues that arise.”

Suzanne McVey
Digital Marketing Manager

“I was referred to MondayCall by the Professional Services group for one of the AppExchange products we use. We have a number of AppExchange products installed, some that are highly configurable and quite complex. In the past I had been working through individual projects with each AppExchange partners Pro Services group. Now that I’ve consolidated all that work with MondayCall, I’m making much better progress on getting some of our challenges met. Having a project manager that is keeping tabs on all the work being done is a great help. I would definitely recommend MondayCall if you need to consolidate work across your entire Salesforce platform. They’ve definitely helped refine our implementation to better suit the users.”

Salesforce Admin
Salesforce.com Administrator

“We’ve just successfully developed a dashboard on top of SFDC with great help from MondayCall. They are professional, flexible, and competent. Being a professional services organization ourselves, we strive for those same qualities. Foremost, they saved us a great deal of cost by recommending the right technologies. Following that, they build out a large chunk of the system for us. If there is a future need, we will certainly be bringing MondayCall back.”

Dewang Li

“Working with MondayCall was easy and a pleasure. Mitchell did most of our training and was great. We previously worked with another company that was not nearly as professional or effective. MondayCall was incredibly professional and super helpful in getting our system set up. In addition to helping to set our system up Mitchell gave us the skill set necessary to continue to build and evolve our system to fit our businesses needs.”

Miriam Mark
Head of Sales and Business Development

“Improving the infrastructure while moving quickly to meet market demands is always tricky. We worked with MondayCall to ‘change the tires while racing’ so that the transition was smooth.”

Chris Griswold
Senior Client Implementation Manager

“MondayCall Solutions has helped us create a realistic roadmap to meet our needs. They provided guidance every step of the way. Our project deadline was very tight… they met it without any issues.”

Bahia Fear
AVP Corporate PM
Thoits Insurance

“When we were looking for help, we wanted to get great expertise, even if we needed to engage with a consultancy on a different continent. MondayCall Solutions understood our complex business and with their expertise, we were able to architect and roll out a solutions, on budget and on time, that has made our team significantly more productive and efficient.”

Alan Hall
Managing Director

“MondayCall really cares about the happiness of their clients. They understand my company and the sales process and assured me Salesforce was a tool that would fit into our already existing process and it didn’t have to be the other way around.”

Zuri Pommerenk
Business Development
Project Frog

“The capabilities that MondayCall Solutions has provided has helped us get much more utility and serious ROI from our salesforce.com investment. We have plans to further improve our salesforce.com instance as our sales organization evolves. Knowing that MondayCall Solutions is there to help as we grow gives us far greater confidence in our CRM solution.”

Steven Correnti
VP of Sales
Pattern Insight

“Understanding the value that our customers are receiving from our products and helping the to spread the word is an important part of our marketing. There’s no better marketing than our customers trying our products and sharing their experience with others – we (now) have a process that helps them do that.”

Dawn Duran
Virtual Assistant and Contract Customer Service

“I would have no hesitation in working with [MondayCall] on further projects as they were exemplary in their work, approach and level of care.”

Stephen Smith
Co-Founder and CEO
Kitman Labs

“The MondayCall Solutions consultant we worked with was fantastic. He was highly capable, very responsive, and was always looking out for our best interest: to find solutions that met our demanding requirements and save us money.”

Erik Sturm
VP of Marketing

“We care deeply about our Students and want to ensure they have the best experience possible. MondayCall and Salesforce.com have helped significantly improve our interactions with our customers.”

Julia Campbell
Sales Lead
Animation Mentor

“Our job is to help the people in our community who are in need. Salesforce is a powerful tool that helps up meet our challenges. MondayCall Solutions helped us organize our data, process, and workflow so that we could take advantage of salesforce.com.”

Pat Protopappas
Sales Manager
Alliance CompleteCare

“MondayCall has really helped us focus on our business providing expertise to wring the most value from our investment in Salesforce.com Professional Edition. They helped us achieve our goals and objects and right in line with the budget.”

Michael Burch
Vice President of National Sales and Marketing
Speedway Motorsports

“The MondayCall Consultant we’ve been working with has been absolutely wonderful. Incredibly responsive, patient and service oriented. He is always available when we need him and more than happy to answer any and all of our questions. He’s also incredibly knowledgeable about the Salesforce platform and its capabilities, which has been extremely helpful to us. We really appreciate all the hard work he has done.”

Olivia Jamgotchian
Private Shares Group, Sales and Trading

“You have not only met my expectations, but rather soared above them. This rollout was challenging and quick. The consultant we worked with is a true asset to your organization.”

Sean Anderson
Sales Manager
Redwood Credit Union

“In my past lives I had rolled out different CRM systems, and knew going in to this new rollout that the biggest challenge was going to be getting up to speed with how Salesforce worked. Well I can say that engaging MondayCall to assist us in the initial build out and implementation of Salesforce in our organization was one of the best decisions we have made to date!”

Strategic Consultant

“The MondayCall team worked within tight deadlines to reconfigure our solution to better match how our business operates. The MondayCall consultant was phenomenal. She understood our business very quickly and was able to speak our language, not in Salesforce-specific semantics. The infrastructure she set up and the training she conducted provided the structure we need today and the flexibility and scalability we need tomorrow.”

Melissa Roberts
Vice President of Sales

“Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve worked with other consulting companies in the past, and MondayCall is first rate on expertise and communication.”

Bonnie Hurwitz
Director, Sales Operations

“MondayCall consultants are top notch, flexible, fast and effective. What sets this team apart from others is their ability to quickly grasp customer requirements and brainstorm creative solutions in working sessions with their customers. This approach reduces the need for lengthy requirements documents and countless revisions that eat up your precious consulting budget.”

Cameron Karr
Chief Customer Officer

“Level of expertise, professionalism, consultants who have a background in the specific discipline, very pleasant and easy to work with. We are extremely satisfied with the results of the project. Your consultant is a perfect fit for us as a consultant – extremely Salesforce knowledgeable, strong sales background and philosophy which was ideal for helping us shape some best practices.”

Larry Miller
Chief Operating Officer

“The project went very smoothly and right according to schedule and budget. As an added benefit, the MondayCall consultant set up a system that we are still growing into. This type of future-proofing gives us a longer runway to take full advantage of the benefits of Salesforce.com.”

Eric Lew
Special Operations Analyst

“This was my first time working with MondayCall. My requirements changed a few times and my timeline was short. They handled it all… They were very knowledgeable and provided various solutions to support my processes.”

Jennifer Yelton
Director, Sales Operations

“MondayCall set up the base platform for us to expand our business using the Salesforce platform. With their collaborative approach, our team has been able to take advantage of their best practices consulting to jump start our own knowledge and capabilities in-house.”

Adam Wall
Sales Operations

“Working with MondayCall has been a great experience. They are flexible and willing to engage with us in a manner that suite our needs, which has been immensely beneficial. The consultant is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and fantastic to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is just starting out and/or trying to increase their use of the available functionality.”

Valerie Gammel
Associate Director of Sales Operations

“I’m very pleased with both the work performed and how the project was managed and would definitely recommend MondayCall to others. The MondayCall Consultant solved all the issues we had, worked quickly, was diligent and an absolute pleasure to speak and work with.”

Lisa Ricardo
Director Financial Planning/Analysis/Operations
Netshelter (acquired by Ziff Davis)

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