TDX2018 Recap

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The third annual Salesforce TrailheaDX conference (March 25th-29th 2018) was an event for Admins and Developers to experience hands-on product innovations, attend technical sessions, and connect with other developers. We’ve compiled the highlights and takeaways from this year’s event below.

Expanded Trailhead Experience

New Trail Guides – “Skill up for the future”

On the Trailhead homepage you will find the new Trail Guides: personalized learning journeys tailored to the users specific career and experience level. Whether you’re an Administrator, Developer, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Architect, or Business Analyst – a guide has been created for you to improve your skills. Each personalized learning journey is free and includes recommended content, emails, and notifications along the way to ensure your success.

Google Trailhead beyond Salesforce

Salesforce and Google have partnered to offer new content from Google Analytics and Google Cloud. The Google Analytics trailhead will teach users how to gain data-centric insights into their website, with out-of-the-box Google Analytics Reports and Dashboards. The Google Cloud trail will teach trailblazers how to run powerful data queries using BigQuery, an enterprise data warehouse for analytics at scale.

Lightning Experience

When discussing Salesforce features in the past, users were given both the Classic and Lightning versions. At TDX18 Salesforce made one thing very clear – Lightning is the future! All demonstrations and sessions were held in Lightning only; it was clear that subsequent releases will not be offered in Classic.

Beginning April 10th, users with the Lightning Experience will see new user prompts to ease the transition. The prompts will appear when a user accesses certain features in Salesforce Classic, such as Tasks and Calendar. You can choose which learning prompts best support your organization’s Lightning Experience Rollout on the new Onboarding & Assistance setup page.

TDX18 Architect Bootcamp

TDX18 featured Salesforce’s first Architect Bootcamp, which included 3 days of instructor-led training for developers interested in building their design capabilities.

The bootcamp may have seemed familiar to those who attended Destination Success in the past – TDX essentially absorbed it. Whether or not you are on the CTA journey, the bootcamp provided designers valuable real-world, to-scale concepts.


Salesforce Integration Cloud

Salesforce announced plans to roll out the Integration Cloud, comprised of three layers: The Integration Platform, Integration Builder, and Integration Experiences. Together, these will connect systems to surface data for the delivery of intelligent customer experiences.

Lightning Flow

Lightning Flow is the latest platform service that enables Trailblazers to bring the power of process automation to CRM. Developers and business users are able to build processes with guided, visual tools integrated with customer data, resulting in faster service and improved productivity.

Salesforce Certification Renewals will be free

Effective Summer 2018, the Admin, Platform App Builder, and Platform Developer I maintenance exams are moving to Trailhead and will be free of cost. All remaining exams will be migrated by the end of January 2019.

Trailmix for Certifications

New Trailmixes have been designed specifically for certification exams – curated to your goals. Modules will guide you through the Trailhead or direct you externally to programs that will give you the information you need. Additionally, the module details the estimated time required to complete the Trailmix, allowing for expert planning and execution.