Straightforward Service for AppDirect

In Best Practices, Collateral, MondayCall News, Service Cloud by Andy Yang

AppDirect has won awards for their cloud service marketplace and management platform, which allows businesses to find, buy, and manage applications.  As one of the most impactful and innovative companies in the cloud, AppDirect is changing the way businesses connect with web based applications.  When AppDirect began to outgrow their existing infrastructure they turned to MondayCall Solutions to ease the transition to newer infrastructure that could scale to increase internal visibility and help manage customer relationships.  From helping AppDirect choose to be their CRM solution through deployment and training, MondayCall was there every step of the way.

MondayCall modeled AppDirect’s complex business using the Salesforce platform.  Using native features, MondayCall set up for the Channel and Developers division of the company.  MondayCall also set up reports and dashboards, so AppDirect management was able to get up-to-date insight and could easily examine trends.  Richard Dufty, AppDirect’s VP of Global Sales and Strategic Partnerships, said, “When a CRM system is set up right, it gives the leadership team the information they need to make the best decisions to grow the company. I’m impressed with the level of infrastructure set up by MondayCall and our sales ops team and the amount of visibility I get every day into our business.”  That, in tandem with the training MondayCall provided, enabled AppDirect to continue growing into the system, maximizing their investment in Salesforce and MondayCall.

AppDirect has leveraged integrations for support (Zendesk), marketing (Marketo), and engineering (Jira- in progress).  These connections promote communication and coordination among the different parts of the company, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

Eric Lew Special Operations Analyst at AppDirect, said, “With the accessibility to key data and the integration with multiple systems across the company, we’ve created real cross-departmental value that plays a big part in our ability to scale as a company. MondayCall has really played an integral part in our success with Salesforce.”

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