Have you had Salesforce.com for a while? Has your business changed significantly but your sales, marketing and service infrastructure lagged? Over time, any CRM implementation will diverge from where your business is now. An outdated system

  • Doesn’t match your business processes
  • Creates inefficiencies and user errors
  • Doesn’t give you visibility so that you can capture new business opportunities

These and more issues gradually add up to increased costs, dissatisfied users and missed opportunities. With a little help, Salesforce.com could be doing so much more to support your business


Whether its tweaking an existing system for a few hours or overhauling your current system, MondayCall Solutions’ optimization services can help your organization’s infrastructure meet your current and future needs.

  • We start by first understanding your business – what are the key drivers for your business, what KPI’s do you measure yourself with and what are your requirements for future growth.
  • We assess your current environment. Using our deep experirence, we create a best practices design that leverages your existing infrastructure where possible.
  • Our development style is iterative so that we can demonstrate value quickly and receive your feedback during the earliest parts of implementation.
  • We assist you with rollout and support as needed.
  • We almost always prefer a phased approach so that we can show you “quick wins.”