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MondayCall has integrated over a hundred different systems with Salesforce. These integrations have provided significant value to customers – enabling a single view of their business as never before. Integrations can occur between any two systems, even with a homegrown proprietary application or database. Data and processes can be integrated, as long as your system has an API or is in some ways open, integration is possible. Some examples of some of the benefits include:

  • Single 360-degree view of the customer in all relevant systems
  • Ability to create real-time reports and dashboards that seamlessly span across multiple data sources
  • Massive improvements to productivity by automation across multiple systems
  • Elimination of duplicate data enabling increased efficiency and reduced human error Integrations can take multiple forms including:
  • Real time integrations that move data quickly and seamlessly via API’s
  • Middleware products that use third party technology to scale your integration needs across many systems. These products include Jitterbit, Informatica, Scribe, Mulesoft, Boomi and more.
  • Specially built connectors – some systems have pre-built connectors which can be leveraged and/or extended if more functionality is needed than what is provided out of the box.
  • Batch data loading. Sometimes real-time is not needed and a simpler batch data pull is all that is needed
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    “I greatly appreciate their effort to understand the primary business objective driving the project. Their attention and commitment to our objective result in a better collaboration, communication and ultimately a better product. I am grateful for MondayCall's thoughtful approach, commitment and communication."

    - Sara Simrell
    Partner Certified Project Manager, Avalara

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