Feature Spotlight: Service Cloud Gets an IQ Upgrade with Einstein

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Salesforce Einstein has been bringing increasing value throughout the Salesforce Platform and in the Summer ‘20 Release they really brought it home in Service Cloud. We are excited about these enhancements and are already discussing with our customers as these new Einstein capabilities automatically provide data-centered intelligence to your customer success processes.  Deriving value from the data you already have in your system to help your team become more efficient and productive, greatly increasing the ROI from your Salesforce investment.

Here are a couple of features worth noting – please read the release notes for more information and give the features a spin.  Let us know if you need help in any of these areas:

  • Einstein Reply Recommendations:  Einstein is busy analyzing data from chat transcripts to generate replies that try to address your customer’s requests.  Agents get a list of recommended replies in the Lightning Service Console so that the Agent can quickly reply using already reviewed and published replies.  Forget about reinventing the wheel each time – just pick the right response from the best relevant responses to vastly improve productivity.
  • Close cases faster with Einstein Case Wrap-Up:  This is in pilot mode but similar to the above, Einstein can provide on-demand recommendations based on past chat data and closed case field values.  Just click and you’ve closed your case instantly.
  • Better Global Support: Article recommendations now support many new languages including French, German, Spanish, and Italian!  Einstein Bots also support nine new languages.
  • Einstein Case Classification: It’s always nice to be working on a system that is smartly predicting things for you.  Einstein Case Classification predicts lookup field values in addition to checkboxes and picklists.  

Some related capabilities and benefits in this release that we think are worth noting:

Repetitive or related cases become much easier to handle, boosting productivity and potentially reducing errors (although be sure to check the suggestions).

Einstein Search is now available for Professional Edition, at no additional cost.  It’s in beta mode so consider the usual caveats in working with beta software.  It does require a bit of setup but once that’s done, you can use natural language searching to get more relevant results on both your computer and the Mobile App.

Natural language search lets users enter common words and phrases in the search box to find records.  Accounts, cases, contacts, leads and opportunities are all supported for natural language search. You can even use the word “my” to find your various Salesforce records you own.

Improvements to Einstein use your own data to make your system smarter and more effective.  The more you use your system the more trained it gets letting you and your team benefit from an improved user experience, effortless productivity improvements and efficiency.  Take it for a spin!

Let us know if we can answer any questions or help you take advantage of these new capabilities. We love helping our customers get the most from their Salesforce system!

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