Service Cloud, Customization, and Commissions: A FiveStars Case Study

In Best Practices, Collateral, MondayCall News, Service Cloud by Andy Yang

One loyalty card to rule them all.  That is what the quickly growing start up, FiveStars is trying to achieve.  In order to accomplish such a feat, FiveStars is using to scale to meet the increasing demand for its loyalty card.  With a complex growing organization, increased demand, and data spread across systems, FiveStars needed a simpler, clearer way to organize their account management.

FiveStars partnered with MondayCall Solutions to architect Salesforce Sales and the Service Cloud.  MondayCall configured the end-to-end process for account management and support to increase efficiency and scale and optimize key performance indicators, which drove business.  MondayCall also built on top of the platform to automate calculations and processes.   Commissions were automatically calculated and entered based on FiveStars’ policies, including complex splits.  FiveStars developed a sophisticated back end system to store all customer data and transactions, which is updated with each customer swipe.  MondayCall integrated this system with Salesforce, so teammembers can view information in one place and for the marketing team to run reports to gain valuable insight to their data.

“With MondayCall’s guidance,” Adam Wall, a member of the Sales Operations team for FiveStars said, “We’ve been able to completely move our sales, account management, service groups and now marketing to the Salesforce platform. As a fast growing company, it is highly critical for us to have the infrastructure to support our current and future needs….”

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