Salesforce Spring ’20 Release Highlights

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One thing you probably value about Salesforce is that there are 3 releases each year of new and improved functionality. The releases are named for each season that will soon be upon us (at least in the Northern Hemisphere): Spring arrives in February, Summer arrives in June, and Winter arrives in October.

To maintain the health of your Salesforce org and enhance its value, MondayCall encourages you to review the material that works best for your needs as part of building a Salesforce Roadmap.  We are always willing to review these resources with you 1:1 to help you with this important recurring task.

Over the years, Salesforce has devoted significant effort to develop “Release Readiness” resources that help you take advantage of the many functions and features. I’ll discuss some of them in this article and highlight specifics of Spring ‘20 that may be of interest.

If I had to point you to just one resource, it would be this release landing page that links out to loads of additional details. 

The second resource I highly recommend is the “* Release Readiness Trailblazers *” group within the Trailblazer Community. Review the links in the lefthand sidebar for all kinds of different assets ranging from Excel sheet with a tabular view of every item from the release to an overview deck to demo videos. On top of that, if you have a question you can post to this group and receive help from the friendly community of fellow Salesforce users. 

One of the resources from the Release Readiness group is “Release in a Box” — a slide deck organized by Cloud that is easy to digest and reorganize to support your own roadmap.

Now that you have a better sense of what resources are available, let’s dive into a small sample of the Spring ‘20 release enhancements (as described in the Release in a Box)  that are now available within your org:

Task-Queue Assignment

Streamline your sales organization’s workflow with Task-Queue Assignment. Assign a task to any queue, so members can easily take ownership and tackle the sales team’s to-do list.

CPQ & Billing: Revenue Recognition Reports

Forecast revenue through any point in your quote lifecycle when you build reports that display live revenue data from anywhere in Salesforce. Align your business around revenue targets.

Preconfigured Dashboards for Service Cloud

Give your service teams preconfigured dashboards, with at-a-glance metrics on case resolution and customer satisfaction.

Einstein Article Recommendations

Recommend the best knowledge articles to agents based on case data with an intelligent natural language processing engine across SMS, chat, and other channels.

Case Merge

Merge up to three duplicate cases just like you do with duplicate accounts and contacts. Get rid of case clutter and focus on what’s important for your business: your customers.

New Salesforce mobile app automatic upgrade

Run your small business from anywhere. Easily access the information you use the most, with a mobile app that reflects the personalized navigation you love in desktop.

Salesforce Data Mask

Anonymize personally identifiable information in sandboxes to protect the confidentiality and maintain regulatory compliance.

Salesforce Surveys: Advanced Branching

Design complex surveys with ease using new streamlined branching flows. Forecast revenue through any point in your quote lifecycle when you build reports that display live revenue data from anywhere in Salesforce. Align your business around revenue targets.

Again, this is just a small selection — the Release Matrix includes a detailed spreadsheet of over 600 features, color-coded and categorized for your convenience.

That’s a lot to digest, so please feel free to call upon the experts at MondayCall to help you navigate each release.