Roadmapping – Aligning goals and outcomes with optimal investment

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Salesforce is not just a CRM app but is one of the most powerful software platforms available anywhere.  One of the great things about SaaS solutions like Salesforce is the ability not only to get up and running quickly, but to “continuously grow” by utilizing more and more of the capabilities as you need themRoadmapping your business goals with technology assets and people resources can help you achieved the desired outcome, while maximizing the power of your Salesforce system.

Many customers are only utilizing a small subset of the features and capabilities in the Salesforce Clouds they are using.  And by simply enabling additional features at the right time, customers can add much more power to either improve efficiencies or create new business capabilities.  Often, with very little cost. Some examples of companies taking it to the next step include:

  • Leveraging a more accurate sales pipeline to get more robust forecasting through sophisticated reporting
  • Ironing out basic processes to then enable new approval processes that better automate the flow
  • Using refined customer service processes to do more sophisticated case routing based on skills and priority

In addition, Salesforce offers additional Clouds that enable customers to add whole applications under one data and product suite. Examples include:

  • Sales Cloud customer adding – Salesforce CPQ to automating and scaling the quoting process – reducing quote times by orders of magnitude and increasing accuracy
  • Sales Cloud customer adding – Service Cloud so that CSR’s have access to customer information seamlessly and for sales users to see all service/cases data
  • Service Cloud customer adding – Customer Communities so that their customers may do self-service logging of tickets, tracking cases, and taking advantage of knowledge bases and user communities to solve their problems faster
  • Sales Cloud customer adding – Partner Communities to share and collaborate on leads and to provide Partners with enablement tools to better sell and service their products

Salesforce also offers the ability to extend your existing functionality through custom coding and open API’s to add further capabilities to your environment.  Examples include:

  • Modifying the flow and branding of standard Community pages to create a seamless interaction with the rest of your website
  • Creating hyper-efficient pages that are purpose-built for specialized input/interaction/reporting
  • Integrating Salesforce with other applications including ERP systems, shipping applications, financial systems, and many more
  • Creating customer-facing, full-service e-commerce and self-service applications fully integrated with the rest of the Salesforce platform

MondayCall can help you prepare a roadmap to better understand where to optimize your current Salesforce cloud applications, as well as take full advantage of the entire Salesforce platform. A reliable roadmap will not only help you maximize your Salesforce investment, but also better design for the future. Minimizing or eliminating any need for rework, refactoring, or replacement. 

Through MondayCall’s Roadmapping Services, we can help organize your business goals and share best practices to realize those goals.  We can identify the “low hanging fruit” so that with minimal cost you can add new capabilities, as well as provide a roadmap for long-term growth.  MondayCall will identify various paths and recommendations to consider based on your current needs and resources.

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