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In part 2 of this Trailhead series, we are going to talk about some of our favorite trailheads that we enjoy recommending to customers. Whether you are a new Salesforce user or a top-level manager, the Trailheads provide strong insights on how Salesforce can help your business grow, year after year.

Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

Are you new to Salesforce? Not entirely sure how to use the platform? Or maybe you’re confused as to what makes Salesforce so special? If any of these questions apply, then this Trail is designed for you!

The Salesforce Advantage Trail addresses a number of questions including understanding what Salesforce is, what the platform is designed to do, as well as how both the CRM platform and suite of accompanying apps are built to evolve with the needs of your business.


A critical step in developing a successful and efficient business process is having a single platform that connects all the aspects of your business. With extensive experience and best practices that support growth, Salesforce’s dynamic platform helps you better understand your customers and how to quickly address their needs.

Learn CRM Essentials

We often recommend the CRM Essentials Trail to new customers because it gives you an in-depth walkthrough of standard Salesforce features. If you recently hired new employees or if you have recently deployed Salesforce in your business, this is a great option to utilize to gain knowledge of best practices.

This trail covers a number of topics, including:

  • Navigating and personalizing Salesforce
  • Use cases for the CRM platform
  • Accounts, Contacts, and Relationships
  • Leads, Opportunities, and how to create a strong sales process
  • Service Cloud Basics, including Case Management and the Service Console

As with most businesses, there is a high probability that you are currently using more than 1 application to manage your business. In fact, often times we see customers that are running more than 30 different applications at once! Although a common occurrence, running this many application at once creates some serious barriers to understanding your data and finding that complete picture of your business. Salesforce’s platform is a fantastic means in which you can begin consolidating and get that complete picture back in sight.

Sell Lightning Fast with Salesforce

 A common issue businesses face is the problem of speed. During the sales process, speed, efficiency and timing can make or break a deal. With powerful tools that give detailed insights on the customer’s journey, Salesforce creates a workspace providing at-a-glance insights that help you take the next action and get leads closer to conversion.

That’s what this Trail is all about. Working with Leads & Opportunities as well as quickly checking Reports & Dashboards that allow to check in and watch your business grow. With flexible reporting and a sleek user interface, this Trial focuses on how Salesforce and your company can grow together.


Although this is a fantastic look at the basic features of Salesforce, this is only the beginning of what the platform can accomplish. Salesforce allows you to customize and personalize the experience, giving you an opportunity to manage and access business data in simple, yet sophisticated ways.

Cultivate Equality at Work

One of our favorite Trails is how to Cultivate Equality at Work. Whether you are an intern or C-level executive, this Trail provides immediate value for those who complete it. Creating a business culture that promotes diversity and encourages participation on all levels is the quickest and most efficient way to strengthen a company. Complete inclusion within a company is often a goal for many, but it can be difficult to achieve without the proper knowledge. This Trail shares tips and strategies on how your managers and employees can become more inclusive in the workplace.

“Research demonstrates that thought diversity can help organizations make better decisions because it triggers more creative information processing, often absent in homogenous groups.”

-Katherine W. Phillips, Better decisions through diversity

The Salesforce Trailhead is a robust education tool that can provide your team with a strong understanding of Salesforce, but the learning does not stop at there. Here at MondayCall, we have extensive experience on the Salesforce platform and can help build a solution that is best for your business. With deep understanding of the technology and a wealth of knowledge spanning across multiple industries, we can help you build a strong infrastructure that will last.

Each business is unique, and combined with MondayCall’s diverse knowledge of the Salesforce Platform, we can help you map out a strategy for continued growth. With 400 customers and over 1200 completed projects, you can leverage our experience and ensure that your business reaches it’s true potential.