Recent Projects

In MondayCall News by Andy Yang

MondayCall has been busy working with a number of customers in a variety of industries.  In this installment we’ll highlight a few recent projects where we were able to make Salesforce really work for their business.  When it comes down to it, it’s about customizing the application to meet your current and future needs and getting it done quickly and right the first time so that you can reap the benefits early.  Whether it’s automation to improve business efficiency or bringing visibility to teammembers, executives and boardmembers on the status of the business, Salesforce provides a great cloud-based solution to any company that markets, sells and provides service to customers.

Manufacturing Success

In the manufacturing world, integration with ERP systems is a critical way of improving the efficiency, accuracy and speed of the business.  MondayCall integrated the back end ERP systems to Salesforce so that sales people have accurate information about product inventories and order status.  Using QuoteQuickly, MondayCall set up a quoting capability that enabled a customer to put together accurate quotes and be able to track the quotes through the process.  QuoteQuickly was set up to handle discounts, subscriptions and channel and partner pricing and leveraged the Salesforce product catalog to speed setup.


MondayCall has worked with a number of customers in the Private Equity space.  Recently we helped a leading financial services firm design and configure Salesforce to manage their fundraising process as well as a separate application to manage their talent pool pipeline.  By moving to a single platform to drive their applications, data is consolidated and gives them a single view of their entire business rather than on separate spreadsheets.  For a large private equity company, we configured Salesforce to help them completely manage their Funds, Investors and their Investments.  In addition, once the information was consolidated we were able to help them implement the Service Cloud so that their investor relations group could provide leading edge service to their investors.


We assisted a startup company recently in integrating their back end systems with Salesforce.  The Salesforce platform is a great way for software development organizations to bring capabilities to the cloud.  Rather than building it all themselves, companies can leverage the platform to bring a significant amount of capabilities to the Web quickly.  We helped a company integrate their back end system to Salesforce so that their Sales and Customer Services teammembers only had one interface to go to rather than having to log into multiple systems to service an account.  Data was brought over in near real-time so that up to the minute information was available to Salesforce – all using standard interfaces.  Many customers also use Jira as a bug tracking and ticketing system and we built an integration so that bugs could be logged directly from Salesforce and that statuses could be shared to Salesforce so that cases could have the most up to date information.  MondayCall has also done integrations with other bug tracking systems like Bugzilla.

Online Advertising

One of the big challenges of using Salesforce in this industry is being able to accurately map it to business processes that are unique to Online Advertising.  For a recent customer, we architected their system to track the structure of their client base – being able to track both the Advertiser and the Agency and be able to pull reports on spend from a variety of different angles.  In addition, we structured their opportunities to be able to handle how online ads are typically sold, being able to track CPx based pricing (cost per thousand, cost per action, cost per click, etc.).  We integrated Salesforce to the back end system so that the actual ad delivery information could be sent back to Salesforce so that account managers had up to the minute access to campaign performance.  For one customer we set up a sophisticated forecasting capability that adjusted based on delivery schedule and actual deliveries.

We have many other case studies in industries such as hardware, resellers, professional services, consumer web and more.  If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact your friendly MondayCall rep or contact us at