Project Methodology

In Best Practices, Project Management by Andy Yang

At MondayCall Solutions, our methodology is meant to deliver value, predictability and transparency to our consulting projects.  Our methodology is highly flexible, matched to the needs of every individual customer.  We leverage our best practices experience but customize, customize, customize to maximize the benefit to the customer.
While every project is unique we have a basic structure to our engagements.  Many of the heading names are familiar as classic project management steps but we describe the variations that we focus on.

Needs assessment
Good planning means good execution.  We understand your business drivers and work with you to prioritize the right requirements to meet your business goals.  What’s going to move your business KPI’s?  We leverage our best practices experience to properly scope the project so that you have a clear roadmap on what should and can be done.
We assess your current environment and create an execution project plan.  This reduces risk and leads to good scalable design.
We architect the best-in-class solution that will meet your business goals while being scalable and easy to maintain
Our experienced consulting team creates a solution based on the specification.  We use iterative development so that you can see progress early.
We thoroughly test each solution and document its usage and maintenance procedures.  Consultant and most importantly, user acceptance testing is key
It doesn’t stop when the code is finished. We provide a full range of training, mentoring and support assistance to help roll the solution out to a large user base
Ongoing Support and Administration
We provide flexible support services so that you always have access to an expert to help you not only rollout but sustain the value ongoing.

All throughout the project, we build multiple milestones throughout the project so you can see progress early and all of our engagements have management oversight to ensure a high quality deliverable.  Our goal is not technology delivery, but solution delivery.