Feature Spotlight: Partner Relationship Management-Account Hierarchy Enhancements

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Be able to model Partner Hierarchies such as Partners by Country, Region, Product line, and more.

As part of the Summer ‘20 Release, Salesforce has introduced new enhancements to the Account Hierarchy in Salesforce Communities, allowing businesses with less than straightforward partnership structures to organize them in much more logical ways. If your company sells and services customers through potentially multiple levels or related levels of resellers, franchisees, brokers, distributors, you can now structure data from all these sources automatically.

Salesforce users can now go beyond modeling their partners as flat 1:1 entities to ones that have a hierarchy. Simply navigate to the Communities settings tab to enable External Account Hierarchies and the External Account Hierarchy object will become available.

Creating an Account Hierarchy establishes clear data lineage, enhances channel visibility, and lets users build comprehensive reports that can be useful for visualizing how decisions can impact an entire organization – all with just a few clicks. In the example above, you might be working with CTW’s partner at the corporate level but need to model the partnership at individual region levels such as by country or region. The parent account can be linked to multiple child accounts and enable proper security, data reports, and processes for each individual country. Parent-child relationships can be by other parameters such as by more general regions (e.g., APAC, EMEA) or by product line.

Data that belongs to an External Account Hierarchy is available to the parent accounts in the hierarchy, so external users aren’t reliant on sharing rules to access data from child accounts. 

If you’re interested in learning how to get started with External Account Hierarchies, or if you’re looking for solutions to manage your complex distribution models, we’re here to help. Reach out to us at MondayCall.com.

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