MondayCall has a flexible, no nonsense project model that emphasizes strong communication, accountability and results.
While every project is unique we have a basic structure to our engagements:

Needs assessment

We understand your business drivers and work with you to prioritize the right requirements to meet your business goals. We leverage our best practices experience to properly scope the project so that you have a clear roadmap on what should and can be done.


We assess your current environment and create an execution project plan


We architect the best-in-class solution that will meet your business goals while being scalable and easy to maintain


Our experienced consulting team creates a solution based on the specification. We use iterative development so that you can see progress early.


We thoroughly test each solution and document its usage and maintenance procedures.


We provide a full range of training, mentoring and support assistance to help roll the solution out to user bases of any size, including large scale corporate rollouts.

The MondayCall Difference

Our methodology differs from others in several important ways:

  • We focus a strong portion on the needs assessment to design a best practices solution that meets your specific needs. A strong plan up front also strongly minimizes risk.
  • We focus on understanding your key performance indicators (KPI’s) so that we ensure that the work we do goes straight to improving your bottom line
  • We build multiple milestones throughout the project so you can see progress early.
  • We are flexible and our design and configuration approach is Agile and iterative. Our customers are dynamic and we are highly nimble to reallocate budget hours as necessary to meet any changing needs and priorities
  • We don’t stop when the last code is written. We thoroughly test every solution and help you every step of the way as you roll it out and even maintain it.
  • Every engagement has executive and project management oversight to ensure a high level of quality.

We’ll be happy to explain the way we handle projects and customize a plan just for you.