Moving Data Takes Many Forms

In Best Practices, Data Migration / Integration by Andy Yang

When integrating into your business, there is often a need to integrate data that resides in other systems with your Salesforce system. The following will describe the many ways in which MondayCall can support that effort:

A One-Time Movement of Data – Via a .csv File Transfer – Data can be transported for mass updating or legacy information can be imported so that Salesforce has all of your historical information in one place.  Another common use case is for different Salesforce instances to be consolidated which is common for cases where two companies merge or a company is acquired.  Merging two orgs can be a significant undertaking depending upon data, organization and process differences.

Using an Integrated Approach like Jitterbit, Informatica or Scribe – Using data loading tools can also be used as a lower tech way of batching data from one system to another.  Many of these tools have pre-built connectors to many leading technologies for faster implementation.

Custom Development Support (API) Uni or Bi-Directional Data Movement – Some middleware needs to be customized beyond what any existing connectors may provide.  In these cases writing directly to the API’s provides an added capability to integrate solutions.

Whether your requirements involve the integration of NetSuite, SAP, Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics, DMLT or others, please consult with your MondayCall Account Executive.  We will work with you to find the best, most cost effective solution to meet your business need.