MondayCall Coaches Animation Mentor

In Best Practices, Collateral, MondayCall News, Salesforce Administration by Andy Yang

As Animation Mentor grew, it knew that it could better maximize its investment in   Animation Mentor is an innovative company that brings working professionals from the top studios to give students a world class animation education.  While Animation Mentor continues to develop inventive online courses, it needed a more complex infrastructure to support its growing consumer base and product offerings. could help expand its consumer base and improve student support throughout the enrollment process.

Enter MondayCall Solutions to solve Animation Mentor’s challenges.  MondayCall Solutions worked with Animation Mentor to rearchitect the Salesforce infrastructure to increase efficiency, responsiveness, and visibility.  MondayCall Solutions streamlined Animation Mentor’s most common processes using Salesforce and automated many of the interactions with students.  These changes benefited prospective and enrolled students by increasing the promptness and consistency of communication all while meeting state and federal requirements for educational institutions.

MondayCall Solutions helped Animation Mentor foster a better student experience.  Julia Campbell, Sales Lead at Animation Mentor said, “We care deeply about our students and want to ensure that they have the best experience possible.  MondayCall and have helped significantly improve our interactions with our customers…”

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