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What if I told you that Salesforce offers free training for those using their platform? Yes, that’s right, free training for you and your team! Although this is no secret, these resources often go unnoticed and do not receive the hype they deserve. So how can you take advantage of these training resources?

Hit the Trailhead! The Salesforce Trailhead is an innovative resource that offers free training for users of the Salesforce platform. Let’s take a look and see how Trailhead can help you develop a stronger internal adoption.

New Features

With a global search bar and the easy to use user interface, Trailhead make it incredibly simple to find the most relevant information. You have the ability to search for relevant Trails by role, experience level, products or even specific topics.

TrailheadSearchOn top of the sleek, new look, Trailhead rewards you with a badge when a Trail, Module, or Project is completed  — it can even be shared on your LinkedIn profile or via Twitter. This integration is awesome because you can now show off your skills and expertise to colleagues and potential employers.


Trails are your path to discovering the most in-depth information related to your own Salesforce”org.” Whether you’ve recently been exposed to Salesforce or if you are a well-versed administrator in your organization, the Trails are a great resource that offers a well-rounded education on the Salesforce Experience. Some Trails we often recommend to customers are the three Admin Trails:

TrailsRegardless if you are a seasoned veteran or a brand new Salesforce user, these three Admin Trails give you a detailed look into the life of a Salesforce Administrator. With Salesforce constantly releasing new features and products, it’s never a bad time to go back and relearn the basics.

But the Trails do not stop there. There are a total of 15 Trails available, ranging from basic and advanced Developer, Wave Analytics, The Lightning Experience, as well as how to use Salesforce for Fundraising and Non Profits. You can find the full list of Trails here.


Slightly different than Trails, Modules give detailed information on specific aspects of Salesforce. Rather than getting a well-rounded education on the life of an Administrator (for example), Modules allow you to dive deep into topics such as Advanced Formulas and detailed information on APEX.

ModulesModules are meant for those users in need of information on specific features on the Salesforce Platform. With 60 Modules at your fingertips, this is an amazing opportunity for you or your team to dive into the details. You can see the full list of Modules here.


Now that you have a solid understanding of Trails and Modules, it’s time to put your skills to the test and see if you can complete some of Salesforce’s sample projects. Projects allow you to test your knowledge of the Salesforce Platform and create custom builds in a safe, risk-free environment. Whether you are looking for a Quick Start implementation or if you would like to dive deep and build a custom app, Projects allows you to do it! ProjectsProjects is a combination of both Trailheads and Modules where you have the opportunity to combine your knowledge with Salesforce Best Practices and create something that you can share with your friends and colleagues. There are a total of 17 Projects and you can see the full list here.

Next Steps?

The team at MondayCall often recommends the Trailhead to our customers because it’s an amazing learning and training resource. Since recommending Trailhead, we have noticed an increase in overall adoption rates and higher satisfaction with companies deploying Salesforce for the first time. Trailhead is a fun and easy way to get the most up to date information on new products and releases from Salesforce.

If you are looking for some detailed information on how to navigate and use the Salesforce Platform, Trailhead is the road to take. Once you understand the basics, you will begin to understand how the Salesforce Platform can be tailored to meet the direct needs of your business. The team at MondayCall has extensive experience with Integrations, Date Migrations, and has a wealth of knowledge for Best Practices. If you are looking for some guidance on how to architect your system or you just have a few questions that are stumping your administrator, don’t hesitate to utilize our experience.