Great Companies Lead to IPO’s

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MondayCall has had the amazing privilege to work with a lot of cutting edge companies, many of which are household names now and many who will be.  Our customers are, not surprisingly, leaders in the industry – companies that recognize early that to grow and scale their business they could use some best practices to help to get them there.  After all, our customers are the best at their business and demand excellence to help support their goals.  They realize that to get it done right the first time helps them laser focus on their core levers to success.

Recently a number of MondayCall customers have had great success.  We are very proud to have played a small part in their growth.  Whether the project was a sales infrastructure build out, a customer service re-architecture, application development or a strategic integration, MondayCall has helped many companies on their path to success.  Here are just a few of our customers who have had recent success:

At the end of last year, Lending Club, a highly innovative finance company went IPO.  Lending Club was founded in 2007 and pioneered the peer lending industry – bringing borrower and lenders together in an online credit marketplace. To say they have radically changed the way lending operates is an understatement. They have facilitated more than $6 billion in loans while paying more than $590 million in interest to investors. They were named Forbe’s America’s Most Promising Companies 3 years in a row, chosen as one of the World’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Finance by Fast Company and awarded as a 2012 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Lending Club (NYSE: LC) went public on December 11, 2014.

Flurry optimizes the mobile experience through better apps and more personal ads. Flurry Analytics is the industry standard in mobile and provides more than 170,000 developers the business data they need to understand their audience, usage and performance. Flurry collects data from 150 billion app sessions per month to gather the deepest understanding of mobile consumers. This past year, Yahoo acquired Flurry for approximately $240 million.

New Relic is a software analytics company based in San Francisco. New Relic went IPO in December 2014. New Relic has a comprehensive SaaS-based solution that provides one powerful interface for web and native mobile applications and consolidates the performance monitoring data for just about any technology. New Relic has over 200,000 users that analyze more than 200 billion data points across more than three million applications.

BrightRoll is the industry’s leading programmatic video advertising platform for reaching audiences across desktop, mobile, and connected TV. BrightRoll powers digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands and agencies, including 87 of the AdAge Top 100 US advertisers, all of the top 15 advertising agencies, and all 10 of the leading demand-side platforms. BrightRoll served more video ads and reached more consumers in the US in 2014 than any other platform, according to comScor. BrightRoll handles approximately two billion requests per day serving tens of thousands of sites and mobile apps. Yahoo acquired BrightRoll for approximately $640 million.

We love to see our customers take commanding leadership in the marketplace. There are many paths to success and many ways that the Salesforce platform can help provide a competitive advantage to increase efficiencies or to capture new business opportunities by offering new capabilities to their customers. One of the great things about the platform are that best practices capabilities are available to you as part of your service. Oftentimes it just needs a quick helping hand to give you a new strategic advantage that will take you to IPO.

-Andrew Yang