Feature Spotlight: Summer ’20 – Surveys

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What do your customers think?  It’s incredibly important to get the pulse of the customer but how can you do this at scale?  Surveying customers has always been a straightforward, and important part of objectively evaluating customer sentiment.  Customers often view surveys as a great way to provide feedback to the vendor – it’s almost expected (and welcomed) to be surveyed.

As part of the Summer ‘20 Release, Salesforce has added a few new improvements to Salesforce Surveys, empowering survey experts to gain deeper insights into their customer survey data when managing their customer journeys. 

Improvements include the introduction of Salesforce Feedback Management, a new Topic Analysis Dashboard, and new enhancements to the Response Analysis dashboard.

In addition, users now have the ability to generate QR code links to Salesforce Surveys, creating an exciting new way to gather survey data.

Salesforce Feedback Management
Salesforce Feedback Management is a new tool that empowers organizations to improve the customer experience by automating surveys across the customer lifecycle, and linking feedback data with Salesforce Data to derive meaningful insights. Periodic customer surveys can now be set up as part of a Journey Map, allowing an analyst to gather select statistics across the entirety of the customer journey.  Collecting customer feedback data during the customer onboarding process, during their first customer service interaction and during periodic intervals provide a rich treasure trove of information to gauge where you can improve at both the specific account and at the company level.

Survey Personalization
Customers respond better to more personalized surveys. Salesforce now enables you to personalize surveys by enabling merge fields in presenting surveys. Note that Salesforce provides security access control measures to ensure that you don’t present data to the wrong recipients.

Einstein Analytics: Salesforce Topic Analysis
Salesforce now has a smart Topic Analysis dashboard that lets you quickly assess how your surveys are trending. The Topic Analysis dashboard can search for selected tags, and group your survey response data by common themes. It gives a great birds-eye view of where you need to further focus your analysis, visually framing your aggregate survey responses. It’s like a heatmap for customer feedback so you can quickly identify what responses may require special focus.

Einstein Analytics: Customer Lifecycle Maps
The Customer Lifecycle map provides a very handy way to see at a high-level how you are doing where in the customer journey. Note how you can use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer sentiment and find trends and aggregations that might signal where you are doing particularly well or where you really need to improve.  

For example, an analyst interested in measuring average customer experience across the customer lifecycle can configure a Customer Lifestyle journey map with the purpose of gathering NPS survey data at key stages in the customer’s lifecycle. Once these stages have been agreed upon, the Journey Map can automatically send out surveys to the customer at these milestones. Based on the responses, cases can be created to address any potential problems.

Imagine being able to find any low points and re-engineer those processes so that the customer experience can be consistently good.

Einstein Analytics:  Response Analysis
The Response Analysis dashboard has been enhanced to let you drill into survey responses for each question type. You can see how the responses are trending and map over a given time period as well as see most common and least common responses to get a stronger sense of the overall responses.  In addition, you can compare responses across surveys and analyze trends and ratings of each.
There are a number of additional survey improvements that are included in this release (including QR code invitations, the ability to like/dislike survey questions, post chat feedback, etc.).  If you haven’t started to use Surveys yet, it’s a great way to get a pulse on the customer and have the data automatically be unified with your customer data in Salesforce.

Give Surveys a try so that you can understand your customers better.  Start with a simple NPS survey to get the initial pulse on your customer.  Then start identifying key points in the customer journey where it makes sense to get feedback.  There are many schools of thought of when the best time to ask NPS including:

  • After a customer has been onboarded
  • 1 month after installation
  • 3 months before renewal
  • When a customer has left
  • After every customer service interaction
  • Periodically at a set time period (e.g. every quarter)

  If you need some help getting it set up, let us know – we’ll be happy to help get it set up.

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