Feature Spotlight: Salesforce Optimizer

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Whether it is decluttering your garage, office, kitchen, or closet, that feeling of regaining wasted space and efficiency can be invigorating. It will put you in a good mood for weeks or even months. Such is the case when decluttering and optimizing your Salesforce system. And the new Salesforce Optimizer app now available in the Summer ‘20 Release will make that happen more thoroughly and with less effort and time.

Part of Salesforce’s ongoing effort to provide tools for analyzing and improving your system, the Optimizer comes with a packaged online report, analysis, recommendations, and best practices that enable System Administrators to continuously fine-tune their system. A significant upgrade from the previous tool that generated only a less-efficient static PDF document, the new online, intuitive, and fully interactive Optimizer app is a huge step forward in many ways.

The Optimizer will take a snapshot of the Salesforce org, analyze 40 metrics for existing and potential problems, and provide recommendations to address areas such as storage, fields, custom code, custom layouts for objects, reports, and dashboards, and more. A further benefit of this new tool is that it will rate the importance or risk of the identified issues, enabling a plan to be created with prioritized actions and timeline.

From the list view, it’s one click away from the full results (1), recommendations (2), and the Setup page to make any changes (3) for over 40 features analyzed as part of the Optimizer. Source: Salesforce Summer ’20 release notes.

We recommend that the Optimizer be used as part of an ongoing and periodic effort to manage your system. For example,  use it as part of planning for any significant changes to the system (e.g., system updates, migrations). Additional benefits of the Optimizer include:

  • New feature recommendations enhancing the user experience. Especially valuable following each of the three updates per year.
  • Identification of field creep and sub-optimal page layouts that can impact speed and performance
  • Avoid experiencing unexpected governor limits causing rework and project delays

For further information on how to activate and take full advantage of the Salesforce Optimizer, review the release notes or contact MondayCall.

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