Feature Highlights from Spring ’14 Release

In MondayCall News by Andy Yang

I’m one of those people that reads the entire Release Notes on the night they are published. My obsession can be your gain as I bring to you highlights from the latest release.

Forecasting: One of the most significant changes is around forecasting. The current forecasting module is referred to as Collaborative Forecasting and noted as version 3.0. This release marks the formal announcement that Forecasting 1.0 (Classic) will be “retired” in Summer ’14, which is typically released in June. In conjunction, Customizable Forecasting, version 2.0, is “No Longer in Development.” Call or email us if you’d like an assessment of your company’s forecasting process.

Chatter:  A robust collaboration tool with the ability to post announcements to groups and to email posts to groups continues to improve. Each of these functions will encourage adoption by highlighting key information and making it easier to transition from email to Chatter.

Salesforce1 and SalesforceA mobile apps: If you missed the announcement at Dreamforce, the Salesforce1 app is the start of a solid mobile platform. Definitely worth keeping updated on your device. SalesforceA makes performing administration functions from your phone super-easy. Someone needs his account frozen or her password reset while you’re out? Tap, tap, tap — done!

Reporting: Flexible sorting! Floating report headers! Export reports without footers! Salesforce.com is working hard to make Salesforce easier to use. More to come! #SafeHarbor

Salesforce for Outlook: One-click Cases from the Side Panel, along with admin tools for improved log-in history and an alert to keep current with the latest version.

These are the 5 areas that might have the most impact on your org, but there are likely many more. To learn about how to get ready for this and every release, read my article on Preparing for Salesforce Releases.

–Bryan Boroughf, Salesforce MVP