DupeCatcher: An AppExchange Review

In Salesforce Administration, Tips & Tricks by Andy Yang

Do you have problems with duplicate records in Salesforce?  When you search for a contact do you get results showing multiple records of the same person?  A potential solution may be an application called DupeCatcher created by Symphonic Source.


DupeCatcher is an application that can identify potential duplicate lead, account, and contact records.  The application alerts users when they are creating a new record that there may be a potential duplicate that already exists in Salesforce.   Alerts are activated when user defined criteria are met – for example, if a user were trying to create a new contact that had the same email address as an existing contact, and ‘duplicate email address’ was one of the criteria in an existing filter, that user would be alerted that they were creating a potential duplicate contact; the user would then be given the option to continue creating the potential duplicate, or to merge it with the existing contact.  The criteria in the filters can be based on any standard or custom field on a lead, account, or contact.  DupeCatcher also works with the Salesforce lead conversion process, so that when a user converts a lead they will be alerted if the new account and contact they are creating has potential duplicates.

Important to note:  DupeCatcher does not work with any batch process which uploads records to Salesforce, for example records inserted by the Data Loader, uploaded by the standard import function, or via an integration with a third party application.  These records will not be evaluated by DupeCatcher.  Additionally, DupeCatcher is not a tool used to proactively search out and deduplicate records in Salesforce, but a product to stop the creation of new duplicate lead, contact, and account records.


Cost:  DupeCatcher is a free application on the Salesforce AppExchange
Salesforce Editions:  Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited
Ease of Installation:  The installation take around 5 minutes to complete, configuring the filters and alerts takes an additional 30 minutes.  There is plenty of terrific documentation and step by step instructions to follow.
Compatible Browsers:  Any browser compatible with Salesforce
AppExchange rating:  4.5 out of 5 (66 total ratings)


DupeCatcher is a great product for preventing duplicate records from being manually entered into Salesforce.  It’s easy to install and configure, free, and has great documentation to follow.  While DupeCatcher may not cover every scenario where duplicate records might be created, it can serve as a quick and easy way to reduce the number of duplicate records that exist in Salesforce.

Want to try it out?  Here is the current AppExchange link to the DupCatcher product:  To install the product go here and click the green “Get It Now” button on the right hand side of the page, then follow the prompts to install the application.