Customer Community Solutions:
The Vyond Story

For nearly all user-driven software solution platforms, building and maintaining a Customer Community can be an important part of your Customer acquisition strategy. Many platforms have taken notes from social media networks, and decided to make their own online communities, centered around their own platform and offerings.

The business value of your very own Customer Community cannot be understated. A lively user community allows your company to tap directly into what users are thinking, and can also act as an avenue for your users to freely discuss and even actively promote your product's offerings and features.

An essential part of any Customer Community experience is usability - if a platform makes it difficult to participate in discussions, the discussions will go somewhere else.

Vyond's old Customer Community was run on a separate platform from their flagship Studio Platform, and did not integrate with Salesforce, their choice of CRM. So if one wished to access the old Vyond Customer Community, they required a separate set of credentials. A user would then technically have a Studio account, and a Community account - and the associated data with each of these accounts was separate from each other.

Vyond decided to fix their Customer Community, to integrate their Community with their Salesforce deployment, and make it a more seamless experience. So they decided to explore the Salesforce Customer Community solution, and reached out to MondayCall to assist in getting them started.

Check out the Video Go-Live Below to see How We Did It:

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