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Examining ROI of Implementing New Functionality

In Best Practices, CPQ, Integration & Data Migration, Tips & Tricks by Andy YangLeave a Comment

Creating the business case for making improvements to your CRM infrastructure can be a complex process, and there are many different methodologies for determining potential ROI to justify moving forward.  Every organization also has its own unique decision making process which can be as simple as getting straightforward approval from the CEO if the desired improvement feels “right”, to a …

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Tips from Work-at-Home Warriors

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Working from home has become more common but has accelerated dramatically with the response to the COVID-19 crisis.  Companies have increasingly asked employees to work from home and socially distance themselves to decrease the chance of exposure and spread.  At MondayCall, most of our employees are pros at working remotely and have for years been collaborating with team-members and customers …

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Preventing Projects From Going Red

In Best Practices, Change Management, Custom Development, Salesforce Administration, Tips & Tricks by Andy Yang

Projects have an expected outcome.  When the outcome does not meet minimum expectations the project has not been successful.  Industry experts often boiled down project expectations around several key project parameters: Scope – Did what was delivered meet expectations? Timeline – Was it delivered on time? Budget – Did it get delivered at the expected cost? There are many other …

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Salesforce Spring ’20 Release Highlights

In CPQ, Custom Development, Salesforce Administration, Service Cloud, Tips & Tricks by MondayCall Admin

One thing you probably value about Salesforce is that there are 3 releases each year of new and improved functionality. The releases are named for each season that will soon be upon us (at least in the Northern Hemisphere): Spring arrives in February, Summer arrives in June, and Winter arrives in October. To maintain the health of your Salesforce org …

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#2 – Best Practices in Managing Technical Debt

In Best Practices, Change Management, Custom Development, Salesforce Administration, Tips & Tricks by Andy Yang

Article #2 in series on Technical Debt. Good Practices Make Good Systems Not surprisingly, it takes work to manage Technical Debt, and there are multiple approaches, none of which apply to all situations.  Every Salesforce customer has different business requirements, different skill levels, different technical systems to support the business, and different levels of Technical Debt already accumulated.  In this …

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#1 – Technical Debt in the Salesforce World

In Best Practices, Change Management, Custom Development, Salesforce Administration, Tips & Tricks by Jim Lambert

Article #1 in series on Technical Debt. Technical Debt or Tech Debt. A pay me now or pay me (a lot) later situation that the mere mention of can send shivers down the spine of IT leaders. While not limited to any one system or technology, it is very real with Salesforce customers who are working in rapidly growing and …

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MondayCall Hosts Salesforce CPQ Innovation Summit with Customer Kymeta Corporation

In Best Practices, CPQ, Events, MondayCall News, Tips & Tricks by MondayCall Admin

In case you missed it… On November 14th, MondayCall hosted customer Kymeta Corporation for a CPQ Innovation Summit! Summit attendees had the chance to learn, connect, and exchange ideas from leading Salesforce CPQ customers, practitioners, and product staff, including: Salesforce CPQ customer Kymeta, a leading manufacturer of flat panel satellites, spoke on their business obstacles and lessons learned from their recent …

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MondayCall + Salesforce host free CPQ info event in Irvine!

In Best Practices, CPQ, Events, Lightning, MondayCall News, Salesforce Administration, Tips & Tricks by MondayCall Admin

Join MondayCall + Salesforce for a FREE CPQ event on Nov 14th at the Salesforce Irvine Office. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn, connect, and exchange ideas with similar businesses looking to grow and streamline their processes with Salesforce CPQ. At this event, you will hear directly from a Salesforce customer about their recent Salesforce CPQ implementation & Lightning …

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Working with Executives

In Tips & Tricks by MondayCall Admin

 Executive Speak Dilbert touches on a nerve that employees often experience in many corporations –  executive management teams appear to be on a different wavelength, altogether.  It’s been often said that they seem to have their own “executive speak” language, they seem to be impatient all of the time and they seem to grossly simplify things.  At MondayCall, we are …

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Recommended Trailheads for You

In Tips & Tricks, Trailhead by MondayCall Admin

In part 2 of this Trailhead series, we are going to talk about some of our favorite trailheads that we enjoy recommending to customers. Whether you are a new Salesforce user or a top-level manager, the Trailheads provide strong insights on how Salesforce can help your business grow, year after year. Navigate the Salesforce Advantage Are you new to Salesforce? …