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Part 1: The Role of Project Management in Project Success

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As an experienced delivery partner of Salesforce, MondayCall has created a refined project methodology that enables us and our clients to manage projects of all sizes and complexity. This interview begins a short series on MondayCall Project Management and, we hope, provides insights into our project management leadership. Sherri Needham, Director and leader of our Project Management Office (PMO), is …

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Turbocharged Sales with CPQ

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The term CPQ stands for Configure-Price-Quote, a robust and growing sales aid with several packaged solutions including Salesforce CPQ.  While CPQ tools have undergone many changes and improvements over the years, the main value of CPQ for any organization has remained the same – giving sales teams the ability to quickly provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. …

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Feature Spotlight: Salesforce Flow

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Flow is a highly useful feature on Salesforce that can help companies easily automate business processes.  Automating business processes not only minimizes the “pain” and inefficiency of manual work but also has the added benefit of minimizing human error, all while enabling your business to scale exponentially.  Manual work tends to scale linearly – the more work you have, the …

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Developing Custom UIs (Declarative vs. Development)

In Best Practices, Custom Development by Andy YangLeave a Comment

Salesforce provides a plethora of point-and-click power at your fingertips.  With every new release, more functionality is added to enable customers to add a new process capability, or track a new business function.  That being said, “clicks not code” functionality can only have so many customizability options that attempt to meet as wide a set of use cases.  If it …

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Examining ROI of Implementing New Functionality

In Best Practices, CPQ, Integration & Data Migration, Tips & Tricks by Andy YangLeave a Comment

Creating the business case for making improvements to your CRM infrastructure can be a complex process, and there are many different methodologies for determining potential ROI to justify moving forward.  Every organization also has its own unique decision making process which can be as simple as getting straightforward approval from the CEO if the desired improvement feels “right”, to a …

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How is Your Business Responding to COVID-19?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every business globally but in dramatically different ways.  Many of our B2C customers have obviously felt the effects of this uncertainty as well.  How businesses have reacted has been varied. Predictably, some customers have temporarily paused operations to address urgent priorities.  Others have continued  “business as usual” as much as possible, noting that …

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Tips from Work-at-Home Warriors

In Best Practices, Events, Tips & Tricks by Andy Yang1 Comment

Working from home has become more common but has accelerated dramatically with the response to the COVID-19 crisis.  Companies have increasingly asked employees to work from home and socially distance themselves to decrease the chance of exposure and spread.  At MondayCall, most of our employees are pros at working remotely and have for years been collaborating with team-members and customers …

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Preventing Projects From Going Red

In Best Practices, Change Management, Custom Development, Salesforce Administration, Tips & Tricks by Andy Yang

Projects have an expected outcome.  When the outcome does not meet minimum expectations the project has not been successful.  Industry experts often boiled down project expectations around several key project parameters: Scope – Did what was delivered meet expectations? Timeline – Was it delivered on time? Budget – Did it get delivered at the expected cost? There are many other …

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Roadmapping Revisited – An Essential Exercise

In Best Practices, Change Management, Salesforce Administration by Andy Yang

Salesforce is not just a CRM app but is one of the most powerful software platforms available anywhere. One of the great things about SaaS solutions like Salesforce is the ability not only to get up and running quickly, but to “continuously grow” by utilizing more and more of the capabilities as you need them. Roadmapping your business goals with technology assets and people resources can help you achieved the desired outcome, while maximizing the power of your Salesforce system.