Case Study: Helping Those Who Help Others

In MondayCall News, Salesforce Administration by Andy Yang

MondayCall Solutions recently published a new case study for the Alameda Alliance for Health. The Alliance provides health care coverage to over 125,000 children and adults in Alameda, CA. The Alliance has a team that conducts community outreach and enrolls Medicare/Medi-Cal “dual eligibles” into their Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan for seniors and people with disabilities. One of their challenges is to systematically and scalably find individuals in the community who are qualified dual eligibles.

MondayCall Solutions helped the Alameda Alliance:

  • Redesign Salesforce to better map to their processes
  • Restructured data to simplify collection and focus on only needed information
  • Jumpstart their business development team on correct Salesforce usage
  • Provide visibility into metrics that drive their operations

The result:

  • Significantly improved tracking of every individual in their process
  • Cleaner data that can be used to drive more accurate reporting
  • Improved adoption of Salesforce.
  • Improved responsiveness to the community

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