Enables buyers and sellers to quickly and easily buy and sell goods and services in a secure, yet engaging manner.  Includes Sharing Economy models. Typical implementations include:

  • Sales Cloud: Tracking of Buyers, Sellers and Deals and more depending upon the business model.  Tracking of Lead to Cash.
  • Service Cloud:  Fully automated Customer Support and Customer Success teams
  • Marketing Cloud:  Marketing automation for recruiting of Buyers and Sellers.  Drip marketing.
  • Partner Communities:  Online full-service portal for Sellers
  • Customer Communities:  Self service customer portals, knowledge-base and community
  • Integrations:  Core company applications integrations / website, financials, marketing automation tools
  • Force.com:  Custom company application (public or password protected), Single Sign-On
  • AppExchange: Docusign, EMail2Case Premium, Pardot,

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