Traditional inside and outside sales with a highly collaborative and personalized approach to selling products and services.

Internet-driven sales including B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B. Licensing models include on-premise, SaaS, open source as well as interfaced and integrated data exchanges.

Enable buyers and sellers to quickly and easily buy and sell goods and services in a secure, yet engaging manner.  Includes Sharing Economy models.

Products and / or services are offered free of charge with basic functionality. Additional features can be purchased to improve user experience.

Customers pay a recurring subscription price to gain access to the product / service, including monthly, annually, and renewal licensing.

Internet advertising and sponsorship sales with support for CPM, CPC, CPA models as well as trafficking and integration with Ad servers.

Support for two and three-tiered distributors and resellers of products and services to consumers. Sales, service and support included.

Support for the fundraising process, fund management, limited partner management, investment management and investor communications.

Low cost, high volume sales for products and services, including both business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

Complex multi-party sales process, for example, in construction working with architects, city planners, builders, suppliers, and owners.

Enhance overall customer experience to improve signup rates and conversions with support for drip marketing campaigns and newsletter management.

Provide deep, high-touch customer engagement in order to  provide exceptional service and to maximize sales growth.

Enable automated and self-service portal processes for small and large network of third-party brokers and dealers for sales, service and support.

Connecting processes, information, and other data across all sales, support, distribution, retailers, suppliers and more.

Support supply-chain management structure and process, which is responsive to business development requirements while remaining cost efficient.

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