Publisher Actions: Salesforce on the Go

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Salesforce1 and Publisher Actions are ideal tools for any organization that has employees who are constantly moving from place to place or do not consistently have time to update Salesforce. Using Salesforce1 (the mobile platform), one can automate the business process from one’s cellphone. Then by configuring Publisher Actions, System Administrators can customize the capability of Salesforce1 to go beyond that of the standard out-of the-box features. Publisher Actions can be configured to update existing records, create new records, and even pre-define values for these updates from one’s mobile phone. This is all done through the Salesforce1 mobile platform.

Salesforce1 is essential for any employee who needs to be able to quickly update Salesforce and then immediately move on to their next appointment. It streamlines the overall process by allowing quick creation or record update on the go. Many top executives now run their day to day process exclusively from their mobile phones; notably, the CEO of Coca Cola spoke at Dreamforce about how his entire business is now done through his phone.

Out of the box, Salesforce1 has some very powerful features that align with many common use cases such as creating a new Opportunity from an Account or Logging a Call all from one’s phone. But what if you want to customize it to your specific business process (ie. create new records from related custom objects, predefine values to automatically create specific types of records, etc)? This is where Publisher Actions come into play.

Here is a common use case: a Sales Rep goes to meeting with a client to demo his/her company’s products. The organization tracks and reports on Demos as Tasks in Salesforce. Instead of the Sales Rep having to wait until he/she gets back to the office, log into Salesforce, and create a new Task, the System Administrator can create a Publisher Action that will create a new Task with a predefined value from Salesforce1. To implement this, create a new Action that creates a new Task record, name it New Demo, and add a predefined value saying Task Type equals Demo.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that a Sales Rep is meeting with Jacob Smith. When one goes into Salesforce1 and find Jacob’s Contact record, one can click on the New Demo Publisher Action that was created. This will predefine who the Sales Rep met with (since he/she created it from Jacob’s Contact record), who will get credit for the Demo (since the Sales Rep is the creator of the record), and automatically make the Task Type “Demo” (due to the predefined value). This saves the Sales Rep from having to spend the time filling out fields that otherwise would be manually entered and now Users on the road don’t have to worry about having to record any Activities when they get back to the office because the process was automated for them.

Salesforce1 and Publisher Actions can improve data quality and get Users engaged with using Salesforce by making the process easier for them. Click here to watch a session that I presented at Dreamforce this year all about Publisher Actions. It shows a demonstration of the functionality and goes into greater detail than can be captured in this format. So, inquire into Publisher Actions if you believe that your business would benefit from business process automation for Users on the go.