Have you recently licensed or need to restart your efforts? is a dynamic, sophisticated, ever-growing CRM tool that can help you automate and scale your sales processes and give you unprecedented visibility into what matters most to your business. But,

  • You just don’t have resources in house to set it up properly – you and your staff have bigger and better priorities
  • You don’t have expertise in house — nor do you want to be making the nonstrategic investments in training your staff to be experts

And yet you know getting off to the wrong start can create significant pain later. It can create inefficiencies, mistakes and turn off users. There’s a significant opportunity cost as well — are you getting the value you are paying for? You want your implementation done quickly and you want it done right.


MondayCall Solutions is a certified partner that offers a full range of value added services for customers. MondayCall’s deployments are designed to deliver value fast, giving you best practices in a fraction of the time and cost of doing it on your own. Some highlights from our process include:

  • Discovery and business process review. We dive deep into your business goals, your KPI’s, your current state and environment and use our best practices experience to craft the best possible design that will deliver immediate and ongoing value.
  • Iterative development. We make sure you are involved every step of the way with frequent design reviews so that you can see progress early. We ensure complete alignment with your business needs through our Agile development process.
  • Rollout support. A fully functioning system is only part of the solution. Are users using it often and correctly? Are your business needs being met? Are the reports we created giving you the information you need to make decisions? We provide rollout assistance and ongoing support to ensure that is providing the value you expect

To find out more information, contact us at We’d be happy to craft the right deployment solution for you.